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April 2020 (from Issue 31 of House Sitting Magazine

Two months ago, on 15th Feb 2020, we published issue 30 of House Sitting Magazine, and published our previous blog post here on Long Term House Sitters, taken from the intro to the magazine. Who could have predicted our world would have changed so much since then?

Vanessa and I suspected the coronavirus was going to impact our lives in some way, as we'd been following progress in China and other countries since late January.

But we didn't foresee the huge changes which have been thrust upon us all over these past 60 days.

I imagine that everyone reading this issue of the magazine will have had to make significant changes to their plans, or adjust their lifestyle in some major ways. We all have.

Life for us all right now probably looks very different to the plans we had for our future just a couple of short months ago.

These extreme changes make publishing this issue of the magazine (#31) a very different experience to the previous one. The uncertainty around what the future holds for travel and house sitting makes it difficult to decide what content to include.

Obviously we want to help our readers keep abreast of current developments, and also to be able to have some ideas about how the future may turn out.

Therefore we've changed the focus of this issue to a degree, in order to factor in the events unfolding around us. We have a few articles from our readers about how they are dealing with their "new normal", as well as a couple of articles looking to the future, hoping to shed some light on how our chosen lifestyles may be impacted.

We've tried to keep the tone as upbeat and positive as possible, but we also want to maintain a realistic view at the same time, so some of the articles may not paint such a rosy picture of the future as we would all wish for. I sincerely hope that we're wrong with some of the more dire predictions.

Vanessa and I have had to return to work as online English teachers, as we now renting accommodation, and obviously don't know how long we may have to continue to do so.

Therefore, we're going to have less time to devote to the magazine, so have decided to make a (hopefully) temporary change to our publishing schedule.

We're going to change to a once-every-3-months model for a while, as we go through a period when there will be a lot less travel and house sitting. This means we'll have time to settle back into our work routine and secure our financial position before we get to work on the next issue, which we now plan for 15th July 2020.

We really don't like to do this, but we all have to make sacrifices at times in order to deal with the challenges life sends our way.

Our hope is that you enjoy this out-of-the-ordinary edition of the magazine, and we would love to hear your thoughts on the current situation, and possible future outcomes.

We are sure that as flexible and resilient house sitters, you're coping admirably with any challenges you are facing, and we wish you all the best for the difficulties and changes ahead.

For additional support and information, our active and engaged Facebook house sitting community group is a great resource for helping you through these difficult times and staying in touch with others affected:

Finally, we also hope we get the chance to meet up somewhere in the world, sometime soon.

Take care and stay safe.

Ian and Vanessa

(currently renting a tiny home in (a very quiet and empty) Cornwall, UK)

  • April 15, 2020

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