Sit #100 – Aug 2020 – Sep 2020

Well as this was their 100th “sit” I rather thought they’d know the ropes.
They did.
They are as professional as it gets.
They responded quickly to my last minute posting (thanks to various Easy Jet cancellations) and actually arrived 2 days early (31st) and bang on time to spend an hour or so being shown around the house, garden and local fields.
I was away for 12 days and felt very confident that Guinness was in good and safe hands. We communicated 2/3 times as I had said I didn’t need a daily briefing and all was very ship shape on my return. Guinness looked well and clearly had had more exercise than she was used to!!
The house and main living areas ( kitchen and sitting room) looked as they were when I left. Even pots and pans were put back in the right cupboards , something my daily has never achieved! and my tubs and tomato plants were regularly watered.
Their bed was stripped, sheets washed and neatly hung out and even the “starter kit” (milk, butter, bread, eggs, orange juice) which I left for them in the fridge hadn’t been touched. (NOTE from Ian and Vanessa: we appreciated the starter pack very much, and used most of it in the first few days. We replaced everything with “fresh” just before we left, so Peter was well stocked on his return.)
I hope they will come back next year.

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