Sit #32 – Jun 2018 – Jul 2018

Vanessa and Ian have looked after our 2 cats and the house for 6 weeks. We felt comfortable the moment we met them. We had to drop a very delicate duty on them: 2 sick foster kittens of 6 weeks, who had to get medication twice per day. But not only this was a challenge, the kittens made quite a mess since they suffered from diarrhea and their environment had to be kept very clean. Ian and Vanessa handled them so very well, I could not have done a better job myself. We loved the weekly updates and they gave us that peace of mind while being away from home and our furry companions. On our return, the yard and swimming pool could not have been in better condition.
Once again, we have met one of the most delightful, trustworthy couples. We are happy that they promised to come back in 2020. We wish you all the very best in your journeys and thank you for a job well done.