Sit #60 – Feb 2019

Ian & Vanessa were fabulous. They were at another house sit before us & were extremely accommodating to make ours work with Ian coming down to us a day ahead of Vanessa.
Ian took time to ask all the right questions to ensure Gryff was looked after & in his usual routine. We took Gryff for a walk together just after Ian arrived & Gryff immediately cuddled up on Ian’s lap when we got back – there’s no greater ringing endorsement!!
We’d only moved into our house 2 weeks previously & so were still figuring out how everything worked, again Ian gave us loads of confidence that he’d just figure things out & we felt totally confident that we were leaving the place in very capable hands.
Due to us moving there were various parcel deliveries & trades to do minor jobs arriving while we were away, Vanessa & Ian managed all of this for us, signing for deliveries & letting in trades, which was a massive help & saved us rejuggling deliveries, etc.
They even met with some friends of ours who were interested in house sitting & talked them through how it all works – our friends are now signed up with THS & have their first sit booked.
Finally, they left the place absolutely spotlessly clean, which was totally amazing & massively appreciated. An absolute joy to come home to a clean home, a happy & well loved dog & a property which had been looked after.
Highly recommend Ian & Vanessa, we already have them booked in for 2 more sits.