Sit #5 – Feb 2016 – Mar 2016

As resort owner/operators we’ve relied heavily throughout the years on house sitters to ensure our property, our staff, and our dogs are well looked after during the time our resort is closed for annual maintenance and we are away for vacation.
We’ve had talented individuals take care of our assets in this past but this year our house sitters, Ian and Vanessa rewrote the book when it comes to professionalism, dependability, and personalized service.
Ian and Vanessa’s years of property management and business experience really showed as they seamlessly oversaw the daily workings of Serenity Point. House sitting a 5-star resort demands a couple who can quickly master the numerous requirements of taking care of not only a property but also a functioning business. Ian and Vanessa developed trusted relationships with our staff, ensured payroll and bills were paid on time, and worked daily to keep all seasonal maintenance projects on task. Ian even went over and above by taking his own initiative to improve our pool maintenance systems. It was refreshing to see the property and the business being looked after with an owner’s mentality.
Another key variable for us is finding a couple who can care for our two English bulldog that stay behind while we are away. Ian and Vanessa made sure Bella and Angus we’re not only loved and well cared for but took it upon themselves to provide them with as much personalized attention as possible. Vanessa sent us numerous updates of fun stories and photos of the dog’s adventures which gave us the peace of mind that our family was enjoying vacation as much as we were.
Ian and Vanessa exude a commitment to quality and service in everything they do and this was never more apparent than when category 5 Cyclone Winston beared down on Fiji halfway through their stay. With their usual calm and collected approach they did everything necessary to properly prepare the resort for the impending storm and ensure both they and our dogs were safe and comfortable throughout the event.
Thanks to Ian and Vanessa there was never a moment where we had to worry about the property, the business, or our dogs which in turn provided us with the most relaxing vacation we’ve ever experienced. We will undoubtedly be seeking their house/resort sitting services in the years to come!