Sit #5 – Feb 2016 – Mar 2016

It gives me great pleasure to provide my personal reference for Ian and Vanessa Usher, who have been house-sitting our resort for the past 6 weeks.
Serenity Point is a 5-star resort which closes for yearly maintenance in February and March each year, During this time, and with management absent, the resort and its skeleton staff must be supervised, with many daily activities and duties still occurring. Those activities include, but are not limited to, bill payment, supervision of staff shifts, calculation and payment of wages, building services management, and the care of pets.
Ian and Vanessa proved to be not only highly capable, but resilient and innovative, using their initiative frequently to address unexpected events which occurred during their tenure.
The most notable of these events was the impact of Cyclone Winston, a category five cyclone which swept through Fiji in March 2016. Ian and Vanessa prepared and implemented a disaster management program which assisted to protect our premises, and pets. They subsequently oversaw the clean-up and repair of the grounds to restore it to its pre–cyclone condition.
In addition to this, we have, for a long time, battled calcium scale build-up in our pool, and have been heretofore unable to resolve this. During Ian and Vanessa’s house-sit, Ian spent a considerable amount of time researching the issue and discussing it with neighbours. He was successful in finding a permanent resolution and our pool is now sparkling clear.
So impressed were we with the service delivery, often over and above the brief, provided by Ian and Vanessa that we have asked them to consider house-sitting our own home in Australia.
I would be most happy to confirm verbally this reference, and wish Ian and Vanessa well in the future.