Sit #63 – Mar 2019

This is the second time Vanessa and Ian have looked after our cat and home and I think that speaks for itself.
Perfect sitters and our cat and home were very well looked after. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

  • March 10, 2019

Sit #62 – Feb 2019 – Mar 2019

Vanessa and Ian are genuinely fantastic sitters and a real find!
As a family we’re a little bit obsessed with our dog Rita! But I felt very confident leaving her in such capable and caring hands.
They both have loads of house and pet sitting experience and instictively know what to do, we didn’t have any worries about the house or Rita when we left.
They are a fascinating couple with great life experiences and I trusted them immediately.
Rita was happy and safe in their care. I wholeheartedly recommend them

  • March 3, 2019

Sit #61 – Feb 2019

We were very pleased to welcome Vanessa and Ian to sit for us while we were away for a week over February half term.
Communication was excellent prior to arrival, and we felt instantly at ease with them both. We had arranged for Vanessa and Ian to arrive directly from a previous sit a couple of nights before our departure date, which worked perfectly as they were able to get to know the place at a relaxed pace and ‘handover’ was very smooth.
We left feeling confident that our home and animals were in safe hands, and returned to find the accommodation immaculate and animals perfectly content. The cats all greeted us affectionately when we returned (rather than being in a bit of a huff as they used to in the past, when we just had friends drop in daily to feed them), so we could tell that they had been given plenty of love and attention in our absence!
Vanessa kept in regular contact while we were away, which was very reassuring – I would say perfect levels of communication. We really enjoyed meeting Vanessa and Ian and would not hesitate to recommend them as experienced, caring and self-sufficient sitters. We very much hope that they will consider sitting for us again in the future!

  • February 25, 2019

Sit #60 – Feb 2019

Ian & Vanessa were fabulous. They were at another house sit before us & were extremely accommodating to make ours work with Ian coming down to us a day ahead of Vanessa.
Ian took time to ask all the right questions to ensure Gryff was looked after & in his usual routine. We took Gryff for a walk together just after Ian arrived & Gryff immediately cuddled up on Ian’s lap when we got back – there’s no greater ringing endorsement!!
We’d only moved into our house 2 weeks previously & so were still figuring out how everything worked, again Ian gave us loads of confidence that he’d just figure things out & we felt totally confident that we were leaving the place in very capable hands.
Due to us moving there were various parcel deliveries & trades to do minor jobs arriving while we were away, Vanessa & Ian managed all of this for us, signing for deliveries & letting in trades, which was a massive help & saved us rejuggling deliveries, etc.
They even met with some friends of ours who were interested in house sitting & talked them through how it all works – our friends are now signed up with THS & have their first sit booked.
Finally, they left the place absolutely spotlessly clean, which was totally amazing & massively appreciated. An absolute joy to come home to a clean home, a happy & well loved dog & a property which had been looked after.
Highly recommend Ian & Vanessa, we already have them booked in for 2 more sits.

  • February 20, 2019

Sit #59 – Feb 2019

Lovely house sitters. No fuss organising the sit and the house was pristine when we returned. Our cat was obviously well cared for and totally calm and unfazed by us having been away.
Perfect really and couldn’t be recommended enough.

  • February 19, 2019

Sit #58 – Feb 2019

Vanessa and Ian were absolutely brilliant. They looked after and cared for our dogs and home as we would and I can’t recommend them enough.

  • February 18, 2019

Sit #57 – Jan 2019

This is the second time we’ve had Vanessa and Ian housesit for us and it’s such a pleasure.
Writing this review is a double-edged sword – if everyone finds out how good they are then I might not get them back again!! We’ve been able to leave the house before Vanessa and Ian arrive knowing they can let themselves in and get on with it.
We are looking forward to having them back again later in the year. Thank you both so much.

  • January 26, 2019

Sit #56 – Jan 2019

Vanessa and Ian were the perfect house sitters. They kept in touch regularly before the sit to confirm they were still coming and check on dates. We had a really fun night with them before we set off on our trip early morning the next day. What great company they were and such interesting people.
They were clearly very experienced at house sitting and asked all the right questions to make sure it was going to be a smooth sit. They kept in touch with us to let us know that all was well and when we returned the house was just perfect and the cat very happy and chilled. I think Pinot enjoys meeting all the new people through Trusted Housesitters as much as we do! He gets so much attention and play time.
We would very much like to have Ian and Vanessa back again if they are ever available when we are away. I’d give them 6 stars if I could!

  • January 23, 2019

Sit #55 – Jan 2019

This is the second time Vanessa and Ian have stayed and looked after my two cats and I can not fault them. They are excellent and I feel totally comfortable leaving them in my house. They are very accommodating and willing to help.

  • January 16, 2019

Sit #54 – Jan 2019

Ian and Vanessa stayed at our home recently and we felt extremely confident in their ability to care and cherish both our home and for all our beloved animals. Communication before and during the sit was excellent.
I would not hesitate in recommending them and would welcome them back in the future. Wishing you all the best for the future.

  • January 16, 2019