Contact details for our referees are available upon request. Please send us a message via our contact page (link opens in a new window) if you would like phone or email details for any of the people who so kindly endorsed us after we looked after their valued homes, possessions and pets.

2022 references (8 house sits completed this year)

Sit #120 – Nov 2022

It was wonderful to have Vanessa and Ian stay with Kaya, Lilou and Izzie for the long weekend. They are experienced, attentive and easy-going and they left the place tidy clean! Our girls were relaxed as can be when we returned.
We would love to have them back in the future and recommend them highly!

Carolyn & Michel
Savigny-lès-Beaune, Cote d'Or, France

Sit #119 – Oct 2022

House sitting again, for friends Jenni and Robert just a short distance from our long-term house sit here in Burgundy.

Jenni & Robert
Creancy, Cote d'Or, France

Sit #118 – Aug 2022

As our first experience of Trusted Housesitters and first time leaving Layla with anyone other than close family Vanessa and Ian couldn’t have made the whole experience more enjoyable for us or Layla. They cared for Layla wonderfully getting to know her well and she was happy and healthy on our return.
Vanessa left the chalet clean and tidy even washing their bedding and towels for us. Vanessa and Ian are experienced housesitters and lovely people who we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with.
Thank you Vanessa and Ian we look forward to meeting with you again sometime in the future.

Anna & Ed
Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, Haute-Savoie, France

Sit #117 – Jun 2022 – Jul 2022

House sitting for friends Jenni and Robert just a short distance from our long-term house sit here in Burgundy

Jenni & Robert
Creancy, Cote d'Or, France

Sit #116 – Apr 2022

Another house sit for our friend Benjamin, and his lovely dog Siena, this time in their new home in the lovely town of Couches.

Couches, Saône-et-Loire, France

Sit #115 – Mar 2022

Vanessa and Ian are a lovely couple, totally reliable, kind and caring. They took great care of our two dogs and our home, leaving everything clean and tidy; the sheets and towels were washed, sheets ironed and they even kindly put away our grocery delivery prior to us arriving back.
We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and we hope they will consider returning again in the future.
Thank you Vanessa and Ian. x

Heather & Terry
Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England

Sit #114 – Jan 2022 – Mar 2022

Vanessa and Ian looked after our very lively cat Coco for 5 weeks and I can thoroughly recommend them.
Coco was very happy in their company and they looked after our house very well. They went above and beyond, having to move patio furniture into the garage before a storm then having to retrieve a heavy patio sofa which was blown onto the lawn.
They sent frequent updates and photos of Coco so we were able to completely relax and enjoy our time away.
Thank you Vanessa and Ian.

Joan & Neil
West Chiltington, West Sussex, England

2021 references (9 house sits completed this year)

Sit #113 – Dec 2021 – Jan 2022

Ian and Vanessa were the most professional house sitters we have had out of the seven that we have experienced so far.
Communication prior to the sit was excellent and they were very accommodating i.e. being flexible under the pandemic circumstances. They understood that things could change and accepted any variations that could possibly occur. Luckily for us all went to plan but it was great to know, that if needed arrangements could be altered.
The induction meeting went well as both were attentive and even took additional notes as we discussed the requirements. We were very comfortable and confident that the house and pets were being left in very competent and capable hands.
Communication during the sit was exactly how we asked for i.e. a WhatsApp every three to four days.
We left them a few jobs to do around the grounds and outbuildings which they seemed more than happy to take on board. They were all completely by the time we got back to a high standard.
Upon our return they had cleaned the house throughout and prepared us a very welcoming evening meal. We passed a very enjoyable evening with them before they left early the following morning. The pets looked very happy and healthy. Our boy Chuma seemed to take to them extremely well considering he is normally a quite timid cat.
Overall a fantastic experience and we can honestly say we would welcome them back at any time. Safe onward travels.

Joanne & Andy
Sainte-Gemmes-le-Robert, Mayenne, France

Sit #112 – Jan 2021 – Dec 2021

LONG-TERM SIT (continued)
After our initial period here in Burgundy during France’s second lockdown, we were very kindly invited to stay on here by Anne and Gordon. The garden needs plenty of mowing over the warmer months of the year, and the swimming pool needs to be cared for too.
As there are no pets here it means we are able to travel occasionally, and take on other sits for shorter periods too, so we still get plenty of pet contact.

Anne & Gordon
Painblanc, Cote d'Or, France

Sit #111 – Oct 2021 – Nov 2021

Ian and Vanessa looked after our pets at the end of October 2021 – as always they were both amazing in every way. We had a very young kitten who needed extra skills as, during that week, she decided to start exploring!!
They also looked after our 16 year old dog, who was at the end of her life. Ian and Vanessa sent us regular updates and left the house in pristine condition.
I hope they will come back again (even just for a visit !)

Gemma & Paul
Servoz, Haute-Savoie, France

Sit #110 – Oct 2021

Pet sitting for Eliot, who came to stay with us.

Painblanc, Côte-d'Or, France

Sit #109 – Sep 2021

This was our second sit for our friend Benjamin, and the delightful and tireless Siena. Unfortunately B and B are no longer with us, and the house felt much emptier than last time we house sat here.

Saint-Jean-de-Trézy, Saône-et-Loire, France

Sit #108 – May 2021

Vanessa and Ian are the perfect house sitters – they agreed to come back for a second time and everything was as perfect as the first time they came (luckily no emergency vets visit for them this time!!).
We cannot recommend them more highly – your home and pets will be in excellent hands, I can’t imagine anything happening that they could not deal with!! Our pets seem to prefer Vanessa and Ian to us!!

Gemma & Paul
Servoz, Haute-Savoie, France

Sit #107 – Mar 2021

This was our first sit for our friend Benjamin, and his three delightful dogs, Bently, B and the tireless Siena. Lots of long walks through the vineyards.

Saint-Jean-de-Trézy, Saône-et-Loire, France

Sit #106 – Feb 2021

I would highly recommend Vanessa and Ian.
They are a lovely couple who were flexible, prompt, caring, responsible, clean and tidy and our cats took to them straight away.
We will be very happy to have them back again 🙂

Vichy, Allier, France

Sit #105 – Jan 2021

It was my first my experience having housesitters to take care of my 2 dogs.
Vanessa and Ian stayed with Paco and Yuki for a week. Our experience with them was perfect. I couldn’t expect a better couple to take care of our house and pets. They were really flexible, they sent us news frequently to inform us how the dogs were doing. Ian and Vanessa took really good care of them and followed the instructions we gave.
We would love to have them back and we definitely recommend them to future stays. The house was perfectly clean when we arrived from our holidays.
Thanks again for your time with our dogs.

Erica & JB
Allonzier-la-Caille, Haute-Savoie, France

2020 references (11 sits completed this year)

Sit #104 – Dec 2020

Vanessa and Ian looked after our pets and our menagerie of animals while we went away for 10 days over Christmas 2020.
Apart from being delightful, interesting and incredibly capable they are quite simply the perfect house sitters. They cared for our old dog who has specific needs and our young dog who needs plenty of exercise plus our two cats… we had wonderful updates and even a Christmas card from the pets!!!
The dogs were totally non-plussed when we arrived home… a small wag of the tail as if we had just popped out to the shops!!! A real sign that they were happy and relaxed!
The house was left in an immaculate state for our return… I honestly can’t thank Vanessa and Ian enough and I just hope that they will come back next Christmas!!!

Gemma & Paul
Servoz, Haute-Savoie, France

Sit #103 – Nov 2020 – Dec 2020 (France Lockdown)

In October 2020 we spent a month in our newly converted campervan on the northern French coast, visiting some fascinating places along the Normandy coast, and then westward into Brittany.
Unfortunately at the beginning of November France went back into a second covid lockdown, initially planned to be 4-weeks long, and we had to move quickly to get to our next location.
We had very kindly been offered a house to stay in over the winter in the Cote d’Or region of France, in a lovely little village called Painblanc. There were no pets to care for, but we made sure the place stayed warm and secure coming into winter.
We really missed having pets around, and were keen for lockdown to end in mid-December, so we could get out and about again!

Anne & Gordon
Painblanc, Cote d'Or, France

Cancelled sit – Nov 2020

Sadly due to the covid lock down this house / pet sit did not happen (and unfortunately in that time I have had a problem with my TH account and have not been able to cancel this stay).
Vanessa was very organised, she was clear in her communication when the sudden French lock down made us all stay at home.
Talking with Vanessa and Ian on the phone before this happened, I was full of confidence that our pets and home would have been looked after to a very high standard. I do hope they can come at another time.
Sending best wishes for safety through this unsettled period.

Rohan, Morbihan, France

Sit #102 – Sep 2020

See sit #99 for our original review.

Alexa & Sarah
Peacehaven, E. Sussex, England

Sit #101 – Sep 2020

This was Vanessa and Ian’s third house-sit for us and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
They are a super nice couple, incredibly professional and have taken the risks of covid seriously.
They looked after our house and animals brilliantly. Our dog and 4 cats were all so happy and relaxed when we got back, they did not appear to have missed us! Our 10 weeks old kitten who had obviously had lots of affection and food, given how much he had grown, and Vanessa and Ian were kind enough to take his mum to the vet for her check up appointment.
The house was spotless upon our return. They had disinfected all of the surfaces before we got back and it was great to feel so confident coming home that the house was covid clear.
It was great to get away and knowing that the animals are safe and well cared for makes that possible.
Thank you once again Vanessa and Ian – hope you can come again!

Julie & Michael
Guildford, Surrey, England

Sit #100 – Aug 2020 – Sep 2020

Well as this was their 100th “sit” I rather thought they’d know the ropes.
They did.
They are as professional as it gets.
They responded quickly to my last minute posting (thanks to various Easy Jet cancellations) and actually arrived 2 days early (31st) and bang on time to spend an hour or so being shown around the house, garden and local fields.
I was away for 12 days and felt very confident that Guinness was in good and safe hands. We communicated 2/3 times as I had said I didn’t need a daily briefing and all was very ship shape on my return. Guinness looked well and clearly had had more exercise than she was used to!!
The house and main living areas ( kitchen and sitting room) looked as they were when I left. Even pots and pans were put back in the right cupboards , something my daily has never achieved! and my tubs and tomato plants were regularly watered.
Their bed was stripped, sheets washed and neatly hung out and even the “starter kit” (milk, butter, bread, eggs, orange juice) which I left for them in the fridge hadn’t been touched. (NOTE from Ian and Vanessa: we appreciated the starter pack very much, and used most of it in the first few days. We replaced everything with “fresh” just before we left, so Peter was well stocked on his return.)
I hope they will come back next year.

Northleach, Gloucestershire, England

Sit #99 – Aug 2020

We feel like we struck gold when we found Vanessa and Ian to look after our animals and house. They are wonderful people and go above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy and well cared for. They are great at communication which is so reassuring if you haven’t used trusted house sitters before.
All of our animals seemed very content when we arrived home, the house was spotless, I really couldn’t fault any of this experience.
I’m very happy that they will be returning soon to do another sit for us.

Alexa & Sarah
Peacehaven, E. Sussex, England

Sit #98 – Aug 2020

Vanessa and Ian were absolutely fantastic from the start. Communication before the sit was very good and we felt comfortable enough to leave our precious cats in their care without actually meeting Vanessa and Ian in person before the sit.
Sparkle and Scampy were looked after with great care and we received daily updates. We returned to very happy cats and a beautifully clean house.
We would gladly welcome Vanessa and Ian back for future sits.

Nicola & Melissa
Rochester, Kent, England

Sit #97 – Jul 2020 – Aug 2020

Vanessa and Ian were just amazing!
A gorgeous couple who just slotted into our home and pets lives and when we came back it was as though we hadn’t been gone for a month. House and garden beyond immaculate!
I could not recommend this couple more highly!

Marie & Simon
Hawkhurst, Kent, England

Lockdown Rental – Mar 2020 – Jul 2020

Cornwall, UK

During the UK’s coronavirus lockdown we rented a lovely little barn which has been converted into very comfortable accommodation close to the coast on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, UK.
In early March it was obvious that the UK was going to be locked down, and all our planned house sits in New York, Massachusetts and St Vincent & The Grenadines had already been cancelled, so we had to find a place to settle in as quickly as possible.
We spent 3 months in this idylic location, and thoroughly enjoyed being able to wander the cliff-top pathways and explore this unique coastline.

Berepper Barns
Cornwall, England

Sit #96 – Feb 2020 – Mar 2020

This is the second time that Vanessa and Ian have house sat for us and they are fantastic. Super nice couple, incredibly easy and professional. They seem to take real pride in looking after our house and animals and when we get back the animals are all very happy and the house spotless.
Would love to have them housesit again and would highly recommend.

Julie & Michael
Guildford, Surrey, England

Sit #95 – Feb 2020

Vanessa and Ian looked after our home and our dog Remi for a couple of weeks and we could not have been happier. They clearly love dogs and we felt that Remi was in very good hands.
They sent us updates whilst we were away and the house was spotless when we came back.
We hope that they may be able to sit for us again.

Anke & Paul
Maidenhead, Berkshire, England

Sit #94 – Jan 2020 – Feb 2020

This was the first time we’ve had house sitters to look after our cat and from our initial contact via Skype we were immediately put at ease. Vanessa & Ian were professional, friendly, interesting to talk to and clearly animal lovers.
Our cat, Shiva, showed immediate interest in Vanessa & Ian when they first arrived, which is very unusual for her as she’s shy with other people. Even on the first night Shiva slept on the bed with them.
Vanessa & Ian were keen to ensure that we were contacted as much or as little as we wanted. They were fantastic at dealing with a bad courier, a storm that blew our fence down and a leaking dishwasher! We came home to a warm, immaculately clean and tidy home and an exceedingly happy, chilled out cat.
We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vanessa & Ian.

Heidi & Mark
Carnforth, Lancashire, England

2019 references (40 sits completed this year)

Sit #93 – Dec 2019 – Jan 2020

Vanessa and Ian were wonderful house sitters! They were immediately relaxed, likeable and efficient.
We felt confident leaving our home and treasured cat with them and could go on holiday with good cheer.
They contacted us each week we were away with an update and photo so we were assured all was well but didn’t interrupt us otherwise. We returned to a beautifully clean house and thoughtful welcome light on and a great informative note about their visit.
We would definitely recommend them and will invite them again, if free!

Philippa & Richard
Kirkby Fleetham, N. Yorks, England

Sit #92 – Dec 2019 – Jan 2020

Once again Ian and Vanessa did a superb job looking after Tinker and Belle and the house was immaculate! We were so pleased they agreed to come back again and would not hesitate to do so again. The perfect house sitters, the house was left very clean and tidy and they are both a pleasure to deal with.
Many thanks again from us all.

Anna & Toby
Kirklington, N. Yorks, England

Sit #91 – Nov 2019 – Dec 2019

1st house sit from this lovely couple. Ian and Vanessa kept us informed whilst away and it was lovely to come back to a clean tidy home with happy animals.
Ruby and Bella have been well looked after, and from the pics showered with affection. (Waiting to see what new words Ruby starts shouting)

Gill & Alan
Stillington, N. Yorks, England

Sit #90 – Nov 2019

This was Vanessa and Ian’s third pet sit and Buster was very pleased to see them when they arrived.
Buster can be quite a handful at times but I went away feeling confident that Buster (and my home) were in safe hands. I came home to a chilled dog and sparkling clean house.
Thank you both, we hope to see you again some time soon.

Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

Sit #89 – Oct 2019 – Nov 2019

Ian and Vanessa, lovely couple, second time sat at our house, highly recommended. Looked after house and our 3 dogs and chickens no problem
Looking forward to seeing them again very soon

Sally & Stephen
Fuentes de Cesna, Spain

Sit #88 – Sep 2019 – Oct 2019

Where to start… Vanessa and Ian are the most wonderful people and sitters. I’m reluctant to big them up too much because I want to keep them to myself! 🙂
They have sat for us three times now and I would choose them every time if they were available. We always know that they will cope with any and every situation that crops up – from dealing with a sick cat to helping a new cat settle in – they have been absolutely wonderful.
The communication is always great. They are 100% trustworthy – I know I can leave a key in the key store if I need to leave before they arrive.
I can’t recommend them enough. I hope you are lucky enough to have them sit for you.

Jolene & Terry
Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England

Sit #87 – Sep 2019

Another fabulous sit by these two. Always come home to a happy dog and a well ordered house. Many thanks again to you both.
Unfortunately they are so popular now I can’t book them! Book them when you can.
Happy travels guys.

Maree & Greg
Chelsea, London, England

Sit #86 – Aug 2019 – Sep 2019

Vanessa and Ian are a wonderful, friendly couple and we felt immediately at ease and happy to leave our house and dogs in their very capable hands.
They are warm and efficient, well organised and seem to instinctively know what was needed. It was an absolute delight to have them housesit for us and would love to have them back anytime!
It’s lovely to come to a well cared for house and very happy dogs!

Clare & Rolf
Bristol, East Sussex

Sit #85 – Aug 2019

Many thanks to Vanessa and Ian, who came back for a repeat sit. Repeats make life so much easier the second time because everyone knows what to expect.
My dog, Buster, is quite high maintenance but they both know how to handle him. I can go away and relax knowing he is in safe hands at home.
I trust Vanessa and Ian completely and would highly recommend them as house sitters and pet sitters. So much so that they are coming again in November 🙂

Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

Sit #84 – Aug 2019

This was the second time we’d left our house, sheep, dog, hamster and fish in the capable hands of Ian and Vanessa and they were just as fantastic as the first. We were able to leave without a worry, knowing our dog would be walked, and home looked after just as well as if we were there ourselves.
In addition to being very professional and practical, they’re also lovely people. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending them for house sits long or short in properties large or small.

Anna & Martin
Droxford, Hampshire, England

Sit #83 – Jul 2019 – Aug 2019

I am very protective of my cats and it took a lot of persuading from my husband for me to agree to leave my cats at all, let alone leave them with two people I had never met.
However, Vanessa and Ian were incredible. I explained my concerns and worries and I was totally comfortable and reassured that they would give the high quality of care I expect for my precious furbabies!
They were very clean, tidy and respectful of my house and were absolutely perfect house guests. I returned to two happy cats who had clearly been cared for well and a house that seemed cleaner than when we left!
Thanks so much to Vanessa and Ian – I hope we can repeat this again in the future!

Sarah & Damian
Ewell, Surrey, England

Sit #82 – Jul 2019

Ian and Vanessa’s third house sit for us; this time with our two labradors, Alfie and Padi. Neat, tidy, kind and caring with shed loads of common sense.
If you need a house sitter, these two are perfect in every way!

Ali & John
Finchingfield, Essex, England

Sit #81 – Jul 2019

It’s the third time these guys have sat for us, which I think says it all about just how fab they are.
Just Ian this time and, as always, the perfect sit.
Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Carole & Jason
Croyde Bay, Devon, England

Sit #80 – Jul 2019

As usual, Ian and Vanessa were great sitters.
Nero was very well looked after, in fact, when we got home we found him sitting on their bed waiting for them to walk in through the door.
House was left in in great shape as was the garden. Very happy to have them both stay whenever I can get them!
Many thanks.

Maree & Greg
Chelsea, London, England

Sit #79 – Jun 2019 – Jul 2019

Absolutely fabulous. Clean tidy. Ultra friendly. Informative sent messages and photos of Jenny.
Recommend highly.

Arundel, West Sussex, England

Sit #78 – Jun 2019

See sit #20 for previous reference.

Val & Rob
Ringwood, Hampshire, England

Sit #77 – Jun 2019

Vanessa and Ian returned to housesit although this time without our dogs as they were joining us for a seaside break in Cornwall.
Once again, they were the perfect housesitters leaving our home spotless on our return.

Ali & John
Finchingfield, Essex, England

Sit #76 – May 2019 – Jun 2019

Vanessa and Ian yet again looked after our house and pets with their usual care and efficiency.
We came home to a perfectly orderly house and happy pets.
Would highly recommend them.

Sarah & Henry
Coney Weston, Suffolk, England

Sit #75 – May 2019

This is the third sit Vanessa and Ian have completed for us and as always everything was perfect!
Vanessa and Ian know Marley and our home so well now so the handover required is minimal. As usual Marley was very happy with them and sat on them for cuddles etc something he will only do on rare occasions. It’s always a real pleasure to have Vanessa and Ian to sit and we can go away in the knowledge that Marley and our home is being taken good care of!
Vanessa and Ian are also very flexible and happy to pick up the sit and work with the previous sitter to handover from etc. Vanessa and Ian have a real connection with animals and that’s very important to us and they combine this with great house sitting. Thanks once again for undertaking the sit for us.
Marley awards you as do we do the 5 stars!!

Stuart & Richard
Gravesend, Kent, England

Sit #74 – May 2019

Vanessa and Ian were absolutely delightful housesitters and the dogs loved them!
Vanessa very kindly put herself out by catching a bus and then train across the country to get to us in good time for an afternoon walk and settled in before I had to leave, which was exceptionally thoughtful. She then sent me daily updates with photos of the dogs which was much appreciated, and when I got home the house was very clean & tidy and they had managed to do all the washing and put it on the line! very thoughtful.
I do hope they come back to Suffolk as the dogs were very well looked after.
I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Westleton, Suffolk, England

Sit #73 – May 2019

This is the 2nd time we’ve had Ian and Vanessa sit for us. Once again, they went over and above to ensure that Gryff and our home was fabulously looked after.
They kept us updated with updates while we were away and we came home to a happy dog and a spotlessly clean house. They’d even washed and changed the bed.
We’re lucky enough to have them sitting for us again this year, can’t recommend them highly enough. Thanks both!

Carole & Jason
Croyde Bay, Devon, England

Sit #72 – May 2019

Vanessa & Ian were excellent sitters in every respect.
They appreciated the different needs of both dogs & treated them appropriately so we came home to happy dogs, an immaculate house (beds etc. stripped, washed & drying on the line!) & watered plants. It was nice to receive photo updates too.
Couldn’t ask for more, hope they will sit for us again.

Jill & Clive
Oldbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England

Sit #71 – Apr 2019 – May 2019

This is the third time Vanessa has been to housesit for me and it was once again no trouble at all. Vanessa is very clean and tidy and left the house in a beautiful condition.
The cats are always very relaxed when I return from being away so that can only mean one thing….Vanessa can definitely come back again!
I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Bath, Somerset, England

Sit #70 – Apr 2019

Ian and Vanessa were fantastic. Very professional from start to finish. Great communication both before and during their stay.
All our animals very happy and obviously well cared for. Our house was immaculate when we returned. Would highly recommend – thank you.

Julie & Michael
Guildford, Surrey, England

Sit #69 – Apr 2019

What can I say, the best ever.
Delightful couple, we got on so well. Dogs fell in love with them.
They are perfect sitters, so respectful of the home and can’t recommend them enough.

Jeanne & Neil
Egham, Surrey, England

Sit #68 – Apr 2019

What a fabulous couple! So friendly and obviously love animals.
We immediately felt completely comfortable in their company. We were able to go away confident that our treasured furry family would be lovingly cared for!
Thank you and we both hope that maybe another sit will be possible in the future.

Susan & Mark
Chippenham, Wiltshire, England

Sit #67 – Mar 2019 – Apr 2019

We were thrilled when Ian and Vanessa agreed to sit again as they are an absolute joy. Very reliable, friendly and kind we felt like we were greeting old friends.
Tinker and Belle were very happy to see them and they clearly had a very happy 10 days while we were away. Many thanks to you both and we hope to see you next year!
Anyone who is lucky to have I and V house sit for them… grab the opportunity with both hands!!!!

Anna & Toby
Kirklington, N. Yorks, England

Sit #66 – Mar 2019

Cannot recommend Vanessa and Ian enough. Extremely professional but also extremely friendly and relaxed. The doggies were happy so we were happy!
Would not hesitate to have them any time! We are already looking to book future dates with them!

Sarah & Chris
Brentwood, Essex, England

Sit #65 – Mar 2019

Vanessa and Ian were just the best sitters ever! I can’t find anything to say against them – reliable, organised, excellent communicators, neat and tidy, and the dogs LOVED them, particularly our elderly Border Terrier.
If Vanessa and Ian were free, I would ask them again and again to come back to us, as they are absolutely what my dream team house sitters would be.

Belinda & Miles
Crowborough, East Sussex, England

Sit #64 – Mar 2019

On this occasion we had to leave before Ian and Vanessa arrived but we needn’t have worried as everything was fine. Once again the house and animals were looked after as we would do ourselves and we felt so confident and comfortable knowing Vanessa and Ian were sitting for us.
There was handover to some friends midweek and they said the house had been left beautifully tidy and clean. Again I cannot recommend them highly enough. Many thanks.

Wendy & Mark
Feckenham, Worcestershire, England

Sit #63 – Mar 2019

This is the second time Vanessa and Ian have looked after our cat and home and I think that speaks for itself.
Perfect sitters and our cat and home were very well looked after. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

Gaynor & Kevin
Birmingham, West Midlands, England

Sit #62 – Feb 2019 – Mar 2019

Vanessa and Ian are genuinely fantastic sitters and a real find!
As a family we’re a little bit obsessed with our dog Rita! But I felt very confident leaving her in such capable and caring hands.
They both have loads of house and pet sitting experience and instictively know what to do, we didn’t have any worries about the house or Rita when we left.
They are a fascinating couple with great life experiences and I trusted them immediately.
Rita was happy and safe in their care. I wholeheartedly recommend them

Sharon & Arwel
Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales

Sit #61 – Feb 2019

We were very pleased to welcome Vanessa and Ian to sit for us while we were away for a week over February half term.
Communication was excellent prior to arrival, and we felt instantly at ease with them both. We had arranged for Vanessa and Ian to arrive directly from a previous sit a couple of nights before our departure date, which worked perfectly as they were able to get to know the place at a relaxed pace and ‘handover’ was very smooth.
We left feeling confident that our home and animals were in safe hands, and returned to find the accommodation immaculate and animals perfectly content. The cats all greeted us affectionately when we returned (rather than being in a bit of a huff as they used to in the past, when we just had friends drop in daily to feed them), so we could tell that they had been given plenty of love and attention in our absence!
Vanessa kept in regular contact while we were away, which was very reassuring – I would say perfect levels of communication. We really enjoyed meeting Vanessa and Ian and would not hesitate to recommend them as experienced, caring and self-sufficient sitters. We very much hope that they will consider sitting for us again in the future!

Amanda & Damien
Branscombe, Devon, England

Sit #60 – Feb 2019

Ian & Vanessa were fabulous. They were at another house sit before us & were extremely accommodating to make ours work with Ian coming down to us a day ahead of Vanessa.
Ian took time to ask all the right questions to ensure Gryff was looked after & in his usual routine. We took Gryff for a walk together just after Ian arrived & Gryff immediately cuddled up on Ian’s lap when we got back – there’s no greater ringing endorsement!!
We’d only moved into our house 2 weeks previously & so were still figuring out how everything worked, again Ian gave us loads of confidence that he’d just figure things out & we felt totally confident that we were leaving the place in very capable hands.
Due to us moving there were various parcel deliveries & trades to do minor jobs arriving while we were away, Vanessa & Ian managed all of this for us, signing for deliveries & letting in trades, which was a massive help & saved us rejuggling deliveries, etc.
They even met with some friends of ours who were interested in house sitting & talked them through how it all works – our friends are now signed up with THS & have their first sit booked.
Finally, they left the place absolutely spotlessly clean, which was totally amazing & massively appreciated. An absolute joy to come home to a clean home, a happy & well loved dog & a property which had been looked after.
Highly recommend Ian & Vanessa, we already have them booked in for 2 more sits.

Carole & Jason
Croyde Bay, Devon, England

Sit #59 – Feb 2019

Lovely house sitters. No fuss organising the sit and the house was pristine when we returned. Our cat was obviously well cared for and totally calm and unfazed by us having been away.
Perfect really and couldn’t be recommended enough.

Gaynor & Kevin
Birmingham, West Midlands, England

Sit #58 – Feb 2019

Vanessa and Ian were absolutely brilliant. They looked after and cared for our dogs and home as we would and I can’t recommend them enough.

Ali & John
Finchingfield, Essex, England

Sit #57 – Jan 2019

This is the second time we’ve had Vanessa and Ian housesit for us and it’s such a pleasure.
Writing this review is a double-edged sword – if everyone finds out how good they are then I might not get them back again!! We’ve been able to leave the house before Vanessa and Ian arrive knowing they can let themselves in and get on with it.
We are looking forward to having them back again later in the year. Thank you both so much.

Jolene & Terry
Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England

Sit #56 – Jan 2019

Vanessa and Ian were the perfect house sitters. They kept in touch regularly before the sit to confirm they were still coming and check on dates. We had a really fun night with them before we set off on our trip early morning the next day. What great company they were and such interesting people.
They were clearly very experienced at house sitting and asked all the right questions to make sure it was going to be a smooth sit. They kept in touch with us to let us know that all was well and when we returned the house was just perfect and the cat very happy and chilled. I think Pinot enjoys meeting all the new people through Trusted Housesitters as much as we do! He gets so much attention and play time.
We would very much like to have Ian and Vanessa back again if they are ever available when we are away. I’d give them 6 stars if I could!

Marie & Paul
Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

Sit #55 – Jan 2019

This is the second time Vanessa and Ian have stayed and looked after my two cats and I can not fault them. They are excellent and I feel totally comfortable leaving them in my house. They are very accommodating and willing to help.

Bath, Somerset, England

Sit #54 – Jan 2019

Ian and Vanessa stayed at our home recently and we felt extremely confident in their ability to care and cherish both our home and for all our beloved animals. Communication before and during the sit was excellent.
I would not hesitate in recommending them and would welcome them back in the future. Wishing you all the best for the future.

Clem & Simon
Farnham, Surrey, England

2018 references (28 sits completed this year)

Sit #53 – Dec 2018 – Jan 2019

Vanessa and Ian are perfect housesitters, I can’t find fault with them! They are genuinely lovely people who take pride in their ‘work’.
My cats were very well looked after and the house was beautifully clean and tidy upon my return. They are returning later this month and again in May.
I would not hesitate in recommending them and hope to have them back again after the dates we already have arranged.

Bath, Somerset, England

Sit #52 – Dec 2018

I cannot thank Vanessa and Ian enough for their sit with Pepe and Nero. Two days before they arrived Pepe was diagnosed with diabetes and is now on insulin injections twice a day with a very regiment feed time schedule.
This was a very daunting scenario for us and his adults, we actually considered cancelling our family holiday as we were:
a) so upset that he was so unwell
b) were very worried about leaving him with people we had never met
c) concerned at putting this added pressure onto Ian and Vanessa
We were blessed to have had this wonderful couple arrive – they took everything onboard and delivered. Regular updates on the boys, house was in great condition, they were both just so lovely and so professional.
I just cannot thank them enough and hopefully shall see them both again in July… Many many thanks.

Maree & Greg
Chelsea, London, England

Sit #50 / 51 – Dec 2018

This is the 2nd time Vanessa and Ian have house sat for us. They are perfect house sitters – great with all the animals and look after all aspects of the house.
We highly recommend them.

As we had to arrange at short notice a business trip, Vanessa and Ian were able to stay on from their previous house sit with us.
They really are a very professional couple and would highly recommend to any one wanting a couple with a lot of experience in house sitting.

Sarah & Henry
Coney Weston, Suffolk, England

Sit #49 – Dec 2018

Vanessa and Ian are the loveliest people, they arrived and we had an instant rapport, and of course the animals went mad for them… always a good sign.
We had a lovely evening with them and heard about their amazing adventures, they really have been all round the world. Regular messages while we were away to let us know how our furry friends were and then home to find and immaculately tidy house.
We would have Vanessa and Ian back in a beat… sadly they are rather sought after so we are planning on taking a holiday when they are available to sit… well maybe!

Alison & Robbie
Framlingham, Suffolk, England

Sit #48 – Dec 2018

This was our first experience of hosting with Trusted Housesitters and fortunately for us we were in extremely safe, capable and professional hands.
We cannot thank Vanessa and Ian enough for making this a superb experience for us. It really was a 5+ star experience all around. Handover was both timely and smooth and they made us feel confident from the word go that all would be well.
Un-intrusive contact was maintained during our time away which only served to allay any doubts we may have had as first-timers. We would love to think they would be able to sit for us again in the future and we hope it’s not to long before we meet them again.
A very big thank you to you both from all of us.

Lisa & Dave
Foxt, Staffordshire, England

Sit #47 – Nov 2018 – Dec 2018

Anyone who has Vanessa & Ian house sitting can relax in the knowledge that they are very experienced and calm and can probably deal with anything that might crop up while you are away! They were very good with our pets and we came home to a spotless house.
I highly recommend them and I hope that perhaps they will be able to return to sit again for us. A lovely friendly couple who arrived as strangers but left as friends.

Alison & Tony
Lymm, Cheshire, England

Sit #46 – Nov 2018

We had never used Trusted Housesitters before and I was very anxious about how the whole process would work. I needn’t have worried as Vanessa and Ian were wonderful. They arrived the night before in order to meet our pets – 4 dogs, 5 chickens and a horse and both my husband and I immediately felt at ease in their company.
They came out with me in the evening in order to follow the usual routines with the animals and also took note of things like where the fuse box was and the water stop cock etc- details I hadn’t considered. By the end of the sit I felt we had made two new friends and now feel totally liberated in that we can now go on holiday and away for short breaks away again.
I can’t thank them and Trusted Housesitters enough and look forward to welcoming them back again in March.

Wendy & Mark
Feckenham, Worcestershire, England

Sit #45 – Nov 2018

I was really happy to have Vanessa and Ian return to catsit for Perry – they are such a friendly, organised couple, I was able to go away without a second thought, and they did a great job of looking after Perry and the house beautifully. Thanks a lot to you both – would love to have you back again! x

Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales

Sit #44 – Nov 2018

Vanessa and Ian stayed at our house looking after our 3 dogs and chickens and ducks highly recommended lovely couple very helpful clean looking forward to seeing them again very soon.

Sally & Stephen
Fuentes de Cesna, Spain

Sit #43 – Nov 2018

It was fantastic to meet Vanessa and Ian before we left. They are such a lovely couple. It felt truly ‘freeing’ leaving the house and cats knowing Vanessa and Ian were there. So much so we have planned a couple more trips and look forward to Vanessa and Ian returning! Can’t get too much of a good thing!

Jolene & Terry
Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England

Sit #42 – Oct 2018 – Nov 2018

Ian came alone whilst Vanessa was finishing off another sit. Ian was obviously at ease and caring with our dogs and kept in touch which was a great reassurance all round.
Both Vanessa and Ian will be doing another sit in January and we look forward to welcoming them both this time.

Clem & Simon
Farnham, Surrey, England

Sit #41 – Oct 2018

Vanessa and Ian put us completely at ease during a Skype call before their visit. We needed them to be be reliable as we were going away for our wedding abroad. They were 100% brilliant.
The dogs were happy, the house immaculate and we received photos while we were away which we loved. We would definitely recommend Vanessa and Ian for house sitting 🙂

Kelly & Luke
Portishead, Somerset, England

Sit #40 – Oct 2018

Vanessa and Ian were lovely Housesitters – everything was superbly taken care of (animals and house) while we were away.
We would happily have them back anytime and recommend them to anyone else looking for a sitter.

Joanna & Richard
Upper Woolhampton, Berkshire, England

Sit #39 – Oct 2018

Vanessa and Ian couldn’t have been nicer! They are clearly very experienced at this animal/housesitting lark, doing it full-time, so you are in extremely capable hands! Our ‘idiot spaniels’ loved them immediately, and I think the feeling was mutual by the end of their stay!
We felt very confident leaving Vanessa and Ian in charge of everything at home while we holidayed with our son. The house was clean and tidy on our return, sheets had been washed, dried and put back on the bed, and there were essentials in the fridge so we didn’t have to hare to the shops as soon as we got home. What a treat!
We want Vanessa and Ian to come back but they are pretty booked up so grab them if you can! Happy to recommend whole-heartedly.

Kirsti & Simon
Uppingham, Rutland, England

Sit #38 – Oct 2018

Ian and Vanessa were fantastic house sitters and a really lovely couple. They arrived at the appointed time, settled themselves in with no fuss and immediately were completely at ease as to how our home worked.
They introduced themselves to our dog Sammy who took to them immediately, along with our two cats Maximillian and Clementine. They also agreed to feed our two ponies which saved us bringing in outside help. Sammy was walked daily on Knettishall Heath and they sent regular updates that all was well. All very reassuring.
The house was left clean and tidy. We would very much like Ian and Vanessa to housesit for us again in the future and highly recommend them.

Sarah & Henry
Coney Weston, Suffolk, England

Sit #37 – Oct 2018

Vanessa and Ian were at least as good as the best we have had over the last 6 years and we highly recommend them.

Susan & Robert
Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England

Sit #36 – Sept 2018

I would highly recommend Vanessa and Ian for house sitting and pet sitting. They put me at ease (I don’t often leave Buster) and Buster clearly enjoyed spending time with them.
I came home to a calm, happy dog and an immaculate house. Thank you both so much. I think Buster had a better time than I did!

Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

Sit #35 – Sept 2018

I really enjoyed meeting both Vanessa and Ian, and would wholehartedly reccomend them as housitters. They are friendly, professional, and easy to communicate with.
They took fantastic care of both Perry my rescue cat, and the house. I came home to a spotless house, having been able to relax whilst I was away, knowing everything was in good hands. Vanessa thoughtfully sent me pictures of Perry as well.
We’re looking forward to seeing you again soon! Thanks, Sian.

Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales

Sit #34 – Sept 2018

Vanessa and Ian have sat for us previously and as before are outstanding. They are a warm friendly couple who are are confident and extremely competent in their sits. The house is spotlessly clean when we return and they were happy to mow the grass and water plants whilst we were away.
Our cat Marley is very relaxed with Ian and Vanessa and is usually curled up on Ian’s lap. Communication is excellent and we can go away and be assured our home and Marley are being so well looked after. We are very pleased that Ian and Vanessa are able to return in May next year for us.
No hesitation in recommending Ian and Vanessa for any sit !

Stuart & Richard
Gravesend, Kent, England

Sit #33 – Aug 2018 – Sept 2018

We felt so lucky to have had Vanessa and Ian to look after our home and dogs. From the moment they arrived we were put at ease. Friendly and kind the dogs took to them instantly.
We were kept in touch while we were away but in a non intrusive way and it was wonderful to be able to enjoy our holiday knowing that our home and dogs were in their capable and brilliant hands. On return the house was spotless, they had picked flowers from the garden!
If you get the chance to have Vanessa and Ian as your housesitters – TAKE IT! We will definitely be asking them back. Thank you both for being so wonderful.

Anna & Toby
Kirklington, N. Yorks, England

Sit #32 – Jun 2018 – Jul 2018

Vanessa and Ian have looked after our 2 cats and the house for 6 weeks. We felt comfortable the moment we met them. We had to drop a very delicate duty on them: 2 sick foster kittens of 6 weeks, who had to get medication twice per day. But not only this was a challenge, the kittens made quite a mess since they suffered from diarrhea and their environment had to be kept very clean. Ian and Vanessa handled them so very well, I could not have done a better job myself. We loved the weekly updates and they gave us that peace of mind while being away from home and our furry companions. On our return, the yard and swimming pool could not have been in better condition.
Once again, we have met one of the most delightful, trustworthy couples. We are happy that they promised to come back in 2020. We wish you all the very best in your journeys and thank you for a job well done.

Traudl & Mike
Prospect, St Vincent & The Grenadines

Sit #31 – Apr 2018 – May 2018

What a joy it was to go on holiday stress free with not having to worry about pets and home. Vanessa and Ian made this possible.
Such kind and caring animal loving people to look after Bigdog and Dixie May, my precious dogs while I was away. Along with the dogs my two tortoises Albert and Victoria! A little difficult to give tortoises cuddles but I know that Bigdog and Dixie May got plenty.
The house, garden and pool were well taken care of too. Any problems were instantly addressed by email.
Along with being able to go away I have made two friends. Can’t thank them enough and hopefully they will pass my way to house pet sit all over again.

Pembroke, St Vincent & The Grenadines

Sit #30 – Apr 2018

It was an absolute pleasure for Vanessa and Ian to ‘sit’ in April 2018. They were so organised and very conscientious with the planning stage. Arrived when they said they would and kept us updated on the welfare of our treasured ones while we were away.
Left the house immaculate and we’re extremely friendly. No hassles and made life so much easier while we were away.

Charles & David
Frome, Somerset, England

Sit #29 – Apr 2018

Vanessa and Ian looked after our dogs (and house!) for ten days in April. They were wonderful.
Our dogs, Zak and Rocko, were obviously very happy and had been well looked after, I have a suspicion they hadn’t missed us! The house was clean and tidy, lovely to come back to.
Vanessa kept in touch and sent us photos of the dogs giving us peace of mind. We thoroughly recommend Vanessa and Ian as trusted housesitters and hope they will be able to return.

Jenny & Clive
Bratton, Wiltshire, England

Sit #28 – Feb 2018 – Mar 2018

Dear Vanessa and Ian
I can’t thank you enough for looking after our animals and home. Even our fussy cat who is never happy with anyone was happy with you.
You are both very professional and know all about the animals.
The house was spotless and I feel like you are our loved family.
I would definitely recommend you. Please come back to Western Australia again. I wish you both all the very best.
Kind regards, Danuta

Danuta & John
Atwell, Western Australia

Sit #27 – Feb 2018

Vanessa and Ian are warm and friendly people who obviously take their housesitting duties seriously. They looked after our house and property very professionally but most importantly we had no qualms about leaving our pets in their care.
We recommend Vanessa and Ian for housesitting and would welcome them back any time.

Ella & David
Kendenup, Western Australia

Sit #26 – Jan 2018

It was great to have Ian and Vanessa back again. They’re great house sitters and lovely people with fascinating stories to tell!
Reliable, organised, confident and huge animal lovers.
We returned to happy pets and a spotless house.

Zoe & Matt
East Vic Park, Western Australia

2017 references (10 sits completed this year)

Sit #25 – Dec 2017 – Jan 2018

It was wonderful to have Ian and Vanessa house and pet sit for us while we were away. It was absolutely marvellous to not have to worry about anything during our trip, particularly as we were overseas. They were in touch regularly and kept us up to date about anything that was happening around the house and with the pets.
They got our dog to the vet for attention when it was necessary. Our garden was in order and all pot plants were in good condition. The house was cleaner when we returned than when we left. And our dog wanted to go with them when they left!
Thanks again Ian and Vanessa.
Carol & Marty
Bundy (dog), Millie (cat), 3 chickens, dozens of fish (tanks inside, pond outside)

Carol & Marty
Ballajura, Western Australia

Sit #24 – Dec 2017

Ian and Vanessa are very professional house sitters. They were fantastic with communication and extremely trustworthy.
They cared for my many animals, my large house and swimming pool with ease. They are such a pleasure and I feel very blessed to have had them at my home and would highly recommend them.
Far exceeded my expectations!!!

Alison & Scott
Wellard, Western Australia

Sit #23 – Dec 2017

Ian and Vanessa recently looked after our home and our pets while we went away on holiday.
Several people have asked us how can you let a stranger look after your house? Ian & Vanessa made it so easy for us that we felt safe and comfortable leaving everything in their hands. We are so glad we chose them.
Beforehand they gave us any information we could possibly need and spent time with us before we left. They asked for all the information they could need, some of which we hadn’t thought to give.
When we came home they were here to hand over and we could tell that the dogs had been spoiled in our absence. The house looked amazing and I’m sure it was cleaner than I had left it. Ian and Vanessa are interesting, lovely people who make fantastic housesitters.
We highly recommend them!

Mandy & Martin
Caversham, Western Australia

Sit #22 – Nov 2017 – Dec 2017

Couldn’t wish for better Housesitters!
Ian and Vanessa were such fantastic sitters – Marley loved them and we felt so reassured that we’d left him in safe hands. We had regular updates and pics while away.
House was left immaculate when we returned Would love to have Ian and Venessa back for another sit next year – superb experience.

Stuart & Richard
Gravesend, Kent, England

Sit #21 – Nov 2017

Ian and Vanessa were very good at keeping in touch prior to taking up the house sit. It was evident from the questions they asked, that they had read my house guide.
They arrived the day prior to my going away which enabled them to meet Toby and to get to know him. They both had a very calming influence and Toby was more than happy to be with them. They also took the time to get to know Toby’s routine.
I felt very happy going away, as I knew that Toby would be very well looked after. In fact, when I returned it was very evident that he was missing them. He did for a couple of days.
My house was very tidy and well taken care of as well. They are very interesting people and easy to get along with.
I would have no hesitation in having them to house sit for me again. I know that Toby would be very happy to see them again as well. I wish them all the best in the future as great house sitters.

Matlock, Derbyshire, England

Sit #20 – Nov 2017

Ian and Vanessa are lovely people and great house-sitters. My cat was really well cared for and the house was immaculate on my return.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian and Vanessa and hopefully I will be lucky enough to have them back at some point.

Gill & Char
Sutton Weaver, Cheshire, England

Sit #19 – Aug 2017 – Oct 2017

We cannot praise Ian and Vanessa highly enough.
They did an absolutely fantastic job of looking after our property/pool and beloved pet cat for 3 months whilst we were in the UK. Barbados is not an easy climate, with a mixture of very hot sun, high rainfall, high winds, lots of dust and high humidity. Cleaning and gardening are major tasks.
They had many issues to deal with during this hurricane season including dealing with spells of no electricity, a broken washing machine that was waiting for spare parts from the USA and our car that started with a/c problems just before we left.
They coped with it all in a calm and efficient manner and kept us updated regularly. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to look after your home and pets.

Val & Rob
Oistins, Barbados

Sit #18 – Apr 2017 – July 2017

Jolly well done Sir. It is a steep learning curve there. You did exactly as we would have done.

Paul & Henri
Maun, Botswana

Sit #17 – Mar 2017 – Apr 2017

Second repeat sit for Mary and Dave and their six cats (plus a couple of strays!) in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
See original review from Sit #12 – July 2016 – Aug 2016

Mary & Dave
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Sit #16 – Jan 2017

Vanessa and Ian spent a week house and pet sitting for us in January 2017. We could sense that they were completely capable of handling our home while we were gone, based on their many positive references and extensive experience, including housesits in several different countries (our home is in Mexico).
But added to this was the gentle love and attention they gave to our cherished pets, Gracie (our 10-yr-old blind labradoodle) and Lucy (our 18-yr-old cat). We could see upon our return home that both Gracie and Lucy were happy and content.
Vanessa and Ian have this lovely energy that just seems to put animals (and humans!) at ease. They’re intelligent, interesting & caring people whom we would love to have house sit again if the opportunity arises. We couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Kathleen & Vern
Ajijic, Mexico

2016 references (11 sits completed this year)

Sit #15 – Dec 2016 – Jan 2017

Repeat sit for Mary and Dave and their six cats (plus a couple of strays!) in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
See original review from Sit #12 – July 2016 – Aug 2016

Mary & Dave
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Sit #14 – Sept 2016 – Oct 2016

I feel writing this is one of the more pleasurable honors I could have. Way back in February of 2016 I did a Skype interview with Vanessa Anderson and Ian Usher. Felt very comfortable after the interview they were the right people for our house sit. Dates to be 25th of Sept to 21st of Oct 2016.
Because of prior experience this was a big leap for us. Understand, we were virtually going to be out of contact for two weeks. Yes really, no phone no internet.
At time of handover of our cats, dog and saltwater pool, I left with a smile on my face, happy we choose them.
When we returned our home looked just like we left it. Absolutely none of the animals lost any weight and they were all just as well behaved as we had left them, with no bad manners acquired!
Would we recommend them? Huge Yes.
Do we want them to house sit again? Absolute YES.
They are professional, charming, down-to-earth people.

RandyJane & Charles
Granada, Nicaragua

Sit #13 – Aug 2016 – Sept 2016

Thank you so much for looking after our dogs and our house for the month that we were away.
Living off-grid isn’t easy but we knew everything would be in safe hands with you here. The dogs are missing you I think.
I wouldn’t hesitate to give you 5 stars as a recommendation for future house sits.

Jan & Brent
Bocas del Toro, Panama

Sit #12 – July 2016 – Aug 2016

From the time Vanessa and Ian first responded to our post on THS, we felt comfortable with them. By the time they finished our sit, we felt like they were friends.
The house and cats were well cared for and they kept in touch with us, as needed, while we were gone.
Upon our return we were greeted with fresh flowers and a home cooked meal.
We are thrilled they will be returning two more times in the upcoming months.

Mary & Dave
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Sit #11 – June 2016

Ian and Vanessa are a wonderful couple. Lively, friendly, obviously love dogs and are great fun to have around. They are extremely organized, happy to fit in with home and animal routines and were clearly loved by our pair of dogs.
We had a wonderful home cooked meal waiting for us on our return and the house was spotless. I would be more than happy to thoroughly recommend them and have them back with us again. We cannot praise them highly enough – 5 stars just does not do them justice.
We wish you many happy days of house sitting around the world and would love to have you back again.

Roberta & Roger
Modbury, Devon, England

Sit #10 – May 2016 – June 2016

Ian and Vanessa came to look after our house, pool, garden, dog and small flock of 20 sheep for a week. Great communication in advance of the house sit. Thoroughly nice people, interesting, very experienced and obviously competent and practical – we had no concerns about leaving everything to them.
Nervy dog loved them, sheep haven’t registered any complaints, and Vanessa even very kindly emailed regular updates about the dog to our son who was missing him.
We would happily have them here again and would recommend them without hesitation.

Anna & Martin
Droxford, Hampshire, England

Sit #9 – May 2016

Ian and Vanessa did a wonderful job when they were house sitting for us. Vanessa is very organised and professional and left me feeling confident everything would be OK. It was.
We returned to a spotless house and happy, well fed, clean and exercised animals. Vanessa also communicated with us while we were away and sent us photos of our dog having a lovely time.

Zoe & Matt
East Vic Park, Western Australia

Sit #8 – Apr 2016

Vanessa and Ian are great house sitters, they were very quick to reply to all my questions and put my mind at ease.
When they came to meet the pets we could tell that they are animal lovers.
They walked our dogs every day and made sure to keep our cats and dogs separate as requested. I was sent photo updates while I was away which was great to receive. Our house was clean and tidy and most importantly our pets healthy and happy when we returned!
Thank you both so much.

Kailah Louise
Yangebup, Western Australia

Sit #7 – Apr 2016

Very glad that we chose Ian and Vanessa to look after Xena our 2 year old German Shepherd. She was taken care of as good as if we were there and they really kept the house very clean.
I would highly recommend them to anyone who is needing their pets/houses looked after while away.
Our first time using a sitter and so happy that their experience and demeanour made our holiday enjoyable.

Murray & Debbie
Duncraig, Western Australia

Sit #6 – Mar 2016

Leaving our home is never easy. We take great pride in having a lovely vacation home, including my husband’s pride and joy, the pool and spa. Unfortunately we felt it was in our best interest to escape an impending cyclone.
The fortunate part was that we had met Ian and Vanessa while they were house sitting just down the beach. We were comforted in knowing that Ian and Vanessa, a highly recommended, well experienced couple, would be looking after everything for us while we were away.
Due to the extreme weather conditions the pool filled with sand and debris and it turned an unnatural shade of green. Not to worry, Ian said. And true to his word he had it in crystal clear condition in no time, keeping us updated with pictures while we were away.
Thankful for Vanessa as well, she is extremely organized and they both helped put our luxury villa back in order, supervising staff, completing tasks themselves and making certain everything was in order.
We can’t thank Ian and Vanessa enough for all their efforts during what should have been a relaxing time for them. We all got on so well as they are such lovely people. We developed such a great rapport we really do hope they will come back again!

Jack Janssen & Carrie Trip
Villa La Jolla, Maui Bay, Fiji

Sit #5 – Feb 2016 – Mar 2016

It gives me great pleasure to provide my personal reference for Ian and Vanessa Usher, who have been house-sitting our resort for the past 6 weeks.
Serenity Point is a 5-star resort which closes for yearly maintenance in February and March each year, During this time, and with management absent, the resort and its skeleton staff must be supervised, with many daily activities and duties still occurring. Those activities include, but are not limited to, bill payment, supervision of staff shifts, calculation and payment of wages, building services management, and the care of pets.
Ian and Vanessa proved to be not only highly capable, but resilient and innovative, using their initiative frequently to address unexpected events which occurred during their tenure.
The most notable of these events was the impact of Cyclone Winston, a category five cyclone which swept through Fiji in March 2016. Ian and Vanessa prepared and implemented a disaster management program which assisted to protect our premises, and pets. They subsequently oversaw the clean-up and repair of the grounds to restore it to its pre–cyclone condition.
In addition to this, we have, for a long time, battled calcium scale build-up in our pool, and have been heretofore unable to resolve this. During Ian and Vanessa’s house-sit, Ian spent a considerable amount of time researching the issue and discussing it with neighbours. He was successful in finding a permanent resolution and our pool is now sparkling clear.
So impressed were we with the service delivery, often over and above the brief, provided by Ian and Vanessa that we have asked them to consider house-sitting our own home in Australia.
I would be most happy to confirm verbally this reference, and wish Ian and Vanessa well in the future.

Margaret & Reuben Lomas
Owners, Serenity Point, Fiji

Sit #5 – Feb 2016 – Mar 2016

As resort owner/operators we’ve relied heavily throughout the years on house sitters to ensure our property, our staff, and our dogs are well looked after during the time our resort is closed for annual maintenance and we are away for vacation.
We’ve had talented individuals take care of our assets in this past but this year our house sitters, Ian and Vanessa rewrote the book when it comes to professionalism, dependability, and personalized service.
Ian and Vanessa’s years of property management and business experience really showed as they seamlessly oversaw the daily workings of Serenity Point. House sitting a 5-star resort demands a couple who can quickly master the numerous requirements of taking care of not only a property but also a functioning business. Ian and Vanessa developed trusted relationships with our staff, ensured payroll and bills were paid on time, and worked daily to keep all seasonal maintenance projects on task. Ian even went over and above by taking his own initiative to improve our pool maintenance systems. It was refreshing to see the property and the business being looked after with an owner’s mentality.
Another key variable for us is finding a couple who can care for our two English bulldog that stay behind while we are away. Ian and Vanessa made sure Bella and Angus we’re not only loved and well cared for but took it upon themselves to provide them with as much personalized attention as possible. Vanessa sent us numerous updates of fun stories and photos of the dog’s adventures which gave us the peace of mind that our family was enjoying vacation as much as we were.
Ian and Vanessa exude a commitment to quality and service in everything they do and this was never more apparent than when category 5 Cyclone Winston beared down on Fiji halfway through their stay. With their usual calm and collected approach they did everything necessary to properly prepare the resort for the impending storm and ensure both they and our dogs were safe and comfortable throughout the event.
Thanks to Ian and Vanessa there was never a moment where we had to worry about the property, the business, or our dogs which in turn provided us with the most relaxing vacation we’ve ever experienced. We will undoubtedly be seeking their house/resort sitting services in the years to come!

Sue & Lloyd Smith
Managers, Serenity Point, Fiji

2013 to 2015 references (4 sits completed)

Sit #4 – Dec 2015 – Jan 2016

On meeting Vanessa & Ian I immediately felt at ease as they are a very warm, gentle and responsible couple and I felt we had an instant rapport.
This was only our second experience with a house sitter and they certainly set the bar high. They are extremely professional and organised and they made us feel completely at ease leaving our beloved pets and home in their hands.
They provided regular emails/updates and included photos of the cats, which we thought was a lovely touch and very thoughtful as they knew I had my concerns.
I was concerned about how one of the cats would react to having strangers look after him as he can be somewhat anxious, however I need not have worried as about a week after leaving I received an update to say that Bear was starting to come round and was even coming to them for a brush.
They took great care of the house and on our return the house was immaculate. It being a large house with a pool, I expected at least a few minor issues as it can be difficult keeping on top of everything, however everything was perfect and you could immediately tell they had taken great care of everything. They had even left us freshly squeezed juice, planted a crop of tomatoes and ensured there was milk etc. left in the fridge.
I would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending them as house and or pet sitters. In fact, I asked them back, unfortunately they were unable to make the dates we needed. Hopefully we get to meet up with them again in the future as they are a wonderful and very interesting couple.

Kelly Campbell
Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia

Sit #3 – Nov 2014

We are really pleased at how the house sit turned out, aside from you having to deal with the unfortunate issues with the heating. As you know I was very nervous going into it but now feel confident that we will do it again in future, so thank you for calming my nerves!
The cats seemed very pleased to see us but are back to their usual hijinx. We were touched by Ian’s kind comments on how lovely they are… We certainly think so but know that sometimes raving about cats can be perceived the wrong way (cat lady!!!!).

Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, England

Sit #2 – Nov 2013

Trusting my home, my business studio, and my two beloved dogs to Vanessa and Ian is like leaving them in the hands of close family. They are both so caring, friendly and warm, with such a vibrant positive energy that I felt instantly at ease when I finally handed them my keys and waved them goodbye to go on a business trip to America.
They anticipated my questions and concerns, and talked me through their considerate approach to looking after my life while I was away. My main concern was managing any potential business calls into the office and looking after my ‘babies’.
Both Ian and Vanessa talked me through their professional backgrounds and their philosophy on life that instantly resonated with me, and made me feel confident in their personalities and morals.
Ian couldn’t wait to take care of the dogs, and make a fuss of them as if they were his own, knowing how to interact with them and taking notes about their behaviour, routines and diet.
Vanessa suggested an approach to managing my office that clearly showed her professionalism and experience in business. I’d gladly employ her, let alone have them both look after my home again.
I can’t recommend them highly enough. I was able to enjoy a productive, stress-free business trip and return to my home and garden probably tidier than I’d left it!

Allie Mae Taylor
The Everlook Guest House, Builth Wells, Powys, Wales

Sit #1 – Sept 2013

Ian and Vanessa are very professional, mature house sitters who looked after our waterside Caribbean home. They are friendly, reliable and looked after our dog, our cats and our chickens with love and care. They watered plants, kept the property clean and tidy.
We wouldn’t have any hesitation in asking them to house sit again or to recommend them to others. They are exactly the sort of people anyone would want to look after their home and pets.

George & Juanita
Dolphin Bay, Bocas del Toro, Panama

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