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House Sitting MagazineWe’re very excited to tell you about House Sitting – The ultimate lifestyle magazine – the only independent and unbiased digital publication dedicated to the world of house sitting and nomadic living.

It is published in a fully responsive app that will work equally well on your tablet or phone. You can subscribe FREE through Apple iTunes or Google PlayThe app provides each article in an easily readable format.

This magazine will open your eyes to the amazing lifestyle choices that can be experienced with the support of the house sitting community.

As full-time house sitters and international travellers, we have sold our homes and possessions to immerse ourselves in a lifestyle of freedom, travel and adventure. We are now able to enjoy our lives, living and working in a variety of locations around the world.

None of this would have been possible without house sitting!

We are passionate about sharing this amazing way of living by inspiring you with stories, news and information. All of which will help your own discovery of how to create and live your own version of a freedom lifestyle through house sitting. At the same time you will be helping home owners with pets enjoy their own travel adventures!

Whether you want more affordable vacations at a time of world financial uncertainty, a travel sabbatical, longer term travel adventures, or you are at the start of your retirement – you can benefit immensely from the savings and cultural enrichment found through house sitting.

As home and pet owners you can realize your own dreams by experiencing worry free travel when you leave your pets and possessions behind.

You’ll be able to consider both short and extended time away from home, knowing that your pets will be looked after by trustworthy people who love including animals as part of their own vacation.

These are exciting times for us as we embark on this new project, and we extend our thanks to Nat and Jodie of House Sitting Academy. When, because of other commitments, they asked if we’d like to take over the publishing of this magazine, it was an easy decision to say yes.

Now we are looking to you to help make this magazine a success, and a worthwhile resource for new and existing subscribers.

Your stories are key to inspiring others to venture forward and discover alternative ways of living and experiencing life, with all its unfolding secrets and surprises.

So what can you expect each month?

We will cover a wide range of topics, offering information and advice for both home owners and house sitters. Our contributors and experts will also be writing about pets, travel, lifestyle, freedom, income and much, much more.

Home and pet owners: For many of you travel is the number one motivator for leaving your home and pets with house sitters. Each month you will benefit from helpful guides and relevant reader stories. You’ll discover not only how to get the most from your house sitters, but also how to maximize your own travel adventures.

House sitters: If you need help getting started with house sitting, or assistance with how to maintain this as a lifestyle choice, you’ll find our monthly guides extremely informative. Tips and advice will always be on offer, both from community members and industry authorities.

Pet care: We will hear from pet care and behavior experts on a variety of topics. We’ll also look at the types and breeds of animals you might expect to look after while on assignment. In this issue you can learn more about German Shepherds.

Travel: Living like a local, making new friends and immersing yourself in different cultures is also key, so you’ll enjoy our travel features and monthly “destination guides” – always produced with house sitting in mind.

House sitting platforms: As more and more house sitting websites emerge, we want you to be able to make informed decisions about which will best suit your needs.

We will be getting in and among the international and country-specific house sitting businesses with “behind the scenes” interviews and comparative information. This month we visited TrustedHousesitters at their offices in Brighton, UK.

House sitting platforms will also get the opportunity to comment on the topics that are important to us all.

Lifestyle: If lifestyle change is a consideration, then you’ll get inspiration from others who have opted for an alternative way of living. You’ll find out how they have dealt with obstacles, created their income, and even how, for families, they have home schooled their kids!

And, of course, there will also be news, reviews and links to resources, all of which will help you enhance your own house sitting, travel or lifestyle adventure.

We hope you enjoy reading House Sitting – The ultimate lifestyle magazine

  • July 17, 2016

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Roman Goerss - June 23, 2020 Reply

Is there a way you could email me to let me know when the new issue comes out?

    Ian Usher - June 27, 2020 Reply

    Hi Roman,
    Yes, of course. I’ll add your name and email address to our mailing list.
    For anyone else, if you visit our website
    the first time you visit you’ll see a popup which offers tho option to join our mailing list.
    Best wishes,

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