Courage, change, challenge… and a conference

February 2019

What would you give to be happy and free – to live how you want, on your own terms? Maybe you think it’s just not possible.

Well, you’d be wrong.It does, however, take courage to take on new challenges, to make changes to your life.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help, by inviting you to join us at the world’s first House & Pet Sitting Conference, where you’ll get to connect and network with others who are all living successful house sitting lifestyles.

Vanessa and I are no strangers to stepping out of our comfort zone. We believe life is richer when you challenge yourself to learn something new, to develop your skills and abilities, to scare yourself a little every now and then.

Last year, for example, as we transitioned between our final house sit in Australia, heading back to the UK, in we spent two weeks in Thailand learning how to sail, before heading to the Caribbean to sail down the chain of beautiful islands known as The Grenadines, in a chartered boat.This year we’re over halfway through our self-created challenge to complete 52 house sits in 52 weeks. We thought this would be a huge undertaking, but once started we’ve actually been finding it easier than we’d imagined it would be.

In fact, this is often the case with challenges that seem insurmountable at first glance. More often than not the secret to success is just to get started. Most people who fail to achieve their goals do so not because the goal was unachievable, but because they failed to even make a start.

Here at House Sitting Magazine, and in our House Sitting Magazine Facebook Group, the most common question we get is about how to get started as a house sitter. We’ve got plenty of articles that can help, and we also offer a video course on how to become a great house sitter.But nothing can match in-person inspiration in a conference setting to really motivate and help you achieve your dreams.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Tim and Louise at House Sitting World to create the world’s first conference dedicated to the house sitting lifestyle.

Once again, we’re stepping outside our comfort zone, taking on a new big challenge, facing our fears. We’ve never run a conference before, and have a lot to learn.

And we invite you to come along and join us. Take on a new challenge for yourself, to learn and grow.

The conference is aimed at people interested in discovering more about house sitting, and wanting to know how it might fit in to their hopes and dreams for their future lifestyle. There will be lots too for those who have already begun their house sitting journey.

We aim to inspire, inform and educate.

Our goal is that you will leave at the end of the conference weekend with a much clearer picture of how and where house sitting might work for you, and a knowledge of exactly what steps you need to take next to move forwards towards the future you want to build for yourself.

You can find out more about the conference here, and if you’re quick you might be able to secure one of the few remaining 1/2 price “early bird” tickets:

So if you are on the fence about house sitting, or worried that it won’t work for you, then you now have a choice:

1) You can come along to the House & Pet Sitting Conference, be inspired by those who’ve already won their freedom, and learn how to start making the changes that will catapult you towards yours,


2) You can do nothing, and a year from now, nothing much will have changed for you. You’ll still be stuck in the same rut, trapped by the same mindset, insecurities and lack of financial freedom.

That’s because change requires action and an investment in yourself.

We believe that if you’re in the UK in September this year, the House & Pet Sitting Conference will be the most affordable and effective way to invest in your future lifestyle success.

We hope to see you there, and we look forward to facing new challenges together.

In the meantime, this issue is packed full of inspiration from first time house sitters! Take a read and see just how many people are benefiting from the house sitting lifestyle – when it’s done in the right way!Best wishes,

Ian and Vanessa

(currently on Sit #28 of our #52sits challenge, in Devon, England)

  • February 16, 2019

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