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Ian & Vanessa - International House Sitting Couple

We are long term international house sitters with a tremendous amount of experience of looking after properties and pets, both our own and those belonging to others.

We may be exactly who you are looking for

This is our way of life. It isn't just a way to get an inexpensive holiday now and again.

Our semi-retired lifestyle allows us to travel and immerse ourselves in different cultures around the world. We also get great satisfaction from inspiring others as we journey through this exciting phase of our lives.

House sitting is a part of our long term lifestyle solution. However, there is a very clear line for us between travel and house sitting. We do not house sit whilst travelling and when we house sit all our attention is directed to the property and pets in our care.

We love animals and we miss having pets around us and so we particularly enjoy this aspect of house sitting. We also hope that we can help by allowing you to enjoy your travel adventures without any stress or worries.

We provide a professional house and pet sitting service all the time you are away. You'll get status reports as regularly as you require and also pictures and updates to provide as much reassurance as you need.

Find out more about us in our video introduction

Skills and abilities

As well as looking after pets, we've accumulated a wide range of skills and abilities. Some of these have been gained through owning our own properties and businesses, and some through house sitting, as both home and pet owners, and house sitters:

  • Maintenance of solar powered systems
  • Total off-grid management
  • Rainwater management
  • Security and electrical systems
  • General DIY
  • Pool maintenance (including salt water)
  • Vehicle care including motorbikes and jetskis
  • Boat handling and engine maintenance
  • Looking after and raising chickens
  • Self sufficiency and remote living
  • Offshore Skipper Qualification
  • Staff management
  • Property letting
  • B&B management
  • Gardening and land management
  • Tool and chain saw usage
  • Hobby Farm Care - sheep, pigs and chickens (so far)
  • Extensive computer skills
  • Email reports and updates available
  • English, Spanish and French languages
  • Trained TEFL English teachers
  • If you need a website - we can build that too!
  • What you might want to know about us

    If you were looking after our home and pets, we'd want to ask you some questions. Hopefully this section will give you some answers to what you might want to know.

    Countryside or city?

    We've had experience of living in both. Vanessa was born in London and Ian in the rural North of England. Since then we've lived in coastal Cornwall, the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, Perth in Australia, the remote forests of the Yukon Territories in Canada, the Spanish mountains of Andalusia, on a small private Caribbean island off the coast of Panama and most recently in a city of 20 million people in Shenzhen, China! We've owned property in all but the Yukon and China, and we've only recently sold the island in Panama. You can be confident that because we were property owners we understand the importance of looking after your property investment.

    We are both fit and healthy, and enjoy active pursuits. We are happy to spend time either in the city or in the countryside. We do, however, tend to gravitate eventually back to the open country, the mountains or the sea.

    What about pets?

    We both love animals and are extremely comfortable with, and enjoy being around cats, all sizes of dog and even parrots. We've raised and tended chickens, and Ian is particularly fond of their amusing behavior! In the Yukon, Ian helped look after and train 23 Alaskan Husky sled-dogs. He also tended a small herd of pigs. More recently we've looked after pigs in Australia, and sheep in southern England. Having had our own pets (now sadly departed), we really do understand how hard it is to leave them in the care of others. Be assured we will give yours all the love and attention they need while you are away, whether that be special walks, favorite games or unusual dietary requirements.

    How do you spend your downtime?

    We are social but also very happy and content with our own company and considered homebodies by many of our friends. We enjoy relaxing around the home with the animals, reading a book or watching a film. We enjoy long walks, mountain hiking, cycling and visiting farmers markets so that Vanessa can rustle up a wonderful meal. She loves cooking! If you grow vegetables in your garden she will be very happy to look after and tend your produce! Unusually she also enjoys weeding!

    How practical are you around the home and land?

    Ian bought an overgrown island and built an off-grid home from scratch with the help of local workers. This he negotiated in newly learned Spanish, with the added logistical challenge of transporting building materials across the sea from the mainland. He is comfortable with electrics, plumbing, solar power battery systems, inverters, rainwater management, pool and land maintenance. He's now lived off-grid both in extreme heat and extreme cold!

    Vanessa has lived in and maintained a 100 year old Finca with swimming pool in the mountains of Southern Spain where she renovated two properties, designed gardens and tended fruit trees and other garden plants and produce.

    We've lived "off-grid" both on the island and in the Yukon, Canada and know how to survive comfortably in remote locations on limited resources and utilities. We understand rainwater management and how to use solar without putting a strain on the inverter or batteries.

    Between us there isn't much we can't turn our hands to and we are both blessed with that rare commodity - common sense. This tends to see us through even the most difficult situations!

    Any languages?

    We've both lived in Spanish speaking countries and can get by well enough on a day to day basis. We have basic French but this is on our list to improve! We've both found that living in a country is the quickest way to rapidly develop language skills, and neither of us would shy away from attempting to use the local language of the country in which we are living or house-sitting. We even attempted Mardarin while we were in China last year!

    Do you work?

    We are self sufficient financially but do occasionally supplement our income with some part-time online work. Up until July 2018 we continued to teach English to Chinese students online, but we have recently given this up to concentrate on House Sitting Magazine, a free online publication that supports the house sitting community.

    Ian also does some occasional public speaking and he writes for online magazines such as Virgin.com. Vanessa loves writing and enjoys providing monthly posts for websites like Expat Focus.

    It is important for us to have some access to WIFI although we are happy to consider short term house sits where it's actually nice to have a break from the internet! Unfortunately we can't consider long term opportunities (more than 1 month) that do not have some form of internet connectivity.

    Why do you house sit?

    We are both avid travelers and consider ourselves somewhat nomadic. That said we are not at all anti-social and it is nice to stay in one place for longer than just a few days, and to live like locals in new environments. It gives us the chance to settle for a while, meet new people and make new friends, and of course to cuddle up with something furry! It is not everyone's cup of tea but it is the way we most love to live. We also find it very rewarding to help home owners and pet lovers experience their own adventures, knowing everything is being cared for back home!

    Whilst we love travel we do always separate our house sitting lifestyle from our travel adventures. When we are house sitting that is our focus and the priority is solely your property and pets.

    Driving and getting about

    We both have clean UK driving licenses and Ian also has the Australian equivalent of an HGV license - he can drive seriously big vehicles. We have recently driven a large 34 foot RV around the USA, and are both confident drivers. Throughout 2018 & 2019 in the UK we will have our own vehicle, probably a small van so that we can transport dogs to their favorite parks and beaches with ease.

    We are also comfortable with motorized boats and associated engine maintenance, and Ian has also ridden and maintained motor cycles.

    Contracts and references

    We are more than happy to sign a "house sitting agreement" but in over 30 sits we've only been asked once. We can supply references for previous house-sitting assignments and any character references that you might require. If you need to contact our references we can supply email details.

    You will also find a selection of our most recent references on this page over to the right.

    Availability and further questions

    To view our current availability please see the top right column of this page.

    You may have more questions. If you do, please go to our contact page and send us an email. We will get back to you as soon as we can (usually internet dependent if we are travelling).

    TV appearances

    When we lived on the island in Panama we we're very excited to be selected to appear on a couple of TV shows. Press the play button, then click the icon at the bottom right of the video to make it full screen:

    Ian’s unique story means that there’s a lot of information about him online. In 2013 and 2014 we were featured in a couple of TV documentaries including the UK’s “Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild”. You can watch the video above if you’d like to get more of a feel of the type of people we are. Remember though, this IS television!

    We were also featured in a Korean documentary shown on SBS (Seoul Broadcasting Services). The show was filmed in March 2014 and aired April 2014 (SBS, Seoul Broadcasting Services, Korea). The whole show is pretty interesting, but if you just want to see our bit it starts at 33 min 25 secs.

    Our house sitter profiles

    As full-time international house sitters we maintain online profiles at several house sitting websites. Click the links below the images to view any of our profiles.

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    You can take a look at our references in full on the next page, and we also have a photo gallery which gives an overview of our lifestyle.

    Our blog also details our lifestyle, and includes some content from the online magazine we produce for the house sitting community:
    House Sitting - The ultimate lifestyle magazine (this link opens in a new window or tab)

    If you think we may be the right house sitters to look after your treasured pets, home and possessions, then send us a message:
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